Opus Organamatronic

Opus Organamatronic from kristine a. wong on Vimeo.

At the 2011 Bay Area Maker Faire (held May 21-22), Organamatronic (Half Moon Bay’s Michael La Guardia and Santa Cruz resident Delaney Parker) weaved together a dreamy, otherworldly mix of music from traditional and handmade instruments, along with found/altered objects.

While La Guardia “plays” the array of sound makers, Parker remixes the music on his Mac Book Pro, and plays synthesizer and percussion.

Sitting in a glass booth, the pair stayed intensely concentrated on their music, yet consistently engaged with their audience and invited them to suggest which object La Guardia should play next.

The music attracted a consistent set of onlookers fascinated by the group’s participatory approach to making music.

This video was shot on May 22 and produced for Half Moon Bay Patch. It’s a second (extended) video of one of the group’s performances I produced (camera, video editing, writing) from that day.

*NOTE: Video was shot from outside the booth purposely to capture the interactive nature (in the window’s reflection) of those outside the booth with the musicians.

The video is accompanied by a full-length article on the website.

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