An Afternoon Snack at the Farm

Half Moon Bay, Calif., is one of the pumpkin capitols of the world. Every fall, the small town receives thousands of tourists who come to pick pumpkins from local farms. The pumpkins are ready for the picking by late September/early October. A few hundred thousand also attend its annual pumpkin festival.

Despite the public’s enthusiasm for pumpkins, though, the local supply is often greater than the demand. This year was no exception. If you drive along San Mateo Road/Highway 92 in late fall/early winter, you’ll see pumpkins lying on the fields through the last few days of December.

What happens to all the leftover pumpkins, then? Watch this video for one answer.

I produced this video for Half Moon Bay

An Afternoon Snack at the Farm from kristine a. wong on Vimeo.

goats at tunitas creek family farm

Goats and sheep grazing at Tunitas Creek Family Farm.

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