Recycling to Live

In a bad economy, hundreds of people in Oakland have turned to urban recycling as a way to survive. Competition is fierce – and the living isn’t easy.

I produced two different stories on this topic: one for radio and one for television. Scroll down to listen to the radio story.

Recycling to Live from kristine a. wong on Vimeo.

The radio story was originally broadcast on April 21, 2009, as a segment on KALX-FM’s North Gate Radio show:



  1. Hey, I finally came to watch this video you were telling me about. This was great. I liked the pacing of your storytelling. And the details you included about each person. And, yes, you have a great radio voice!

  2. Thanks, Angela, for your comments! There was so much more I wanted to include, but I had to adhere to a strict time limit for the final edited piece. Each person had a fascinating story to tell.

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